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Shelter in Place

A Gay for you mlm romance

Cal is a gay guy who loses his bartending job during a certain pandemic and ends up stuck in a small apartment with his temporary roommate when the shelter in place order comes down. He’s got to make money somehow, and stumbles on an interesting option—a cam site where he quickly amasses a regular audience. It’s all good, as long as he waits until his straight roommate is asleep to log on.

But when Ross gets laid off from his work-from-home accounting job and discovers what Cal has been up to, things get… interesting. And complicated. Because Ross is not the man that Cal thought he was. That could spell trouble for Cal.

Because every gay boy knows the cardinal rule: Never fall for the straight guy.  

Kink and taboo m/m author

Simon strange

Simon Strange loves coffee, red wine, craft beer, and men. Especially men. Especially the men you should never, ever screw…

What is it about the forbidden that gets our blood hot? Is it just the rebellious instinct to do what we’re told is wrong? Those men we grew up with, the ones that were either always looking over us or always by our side—or chasing us around; the ones that say they don’t want us, and would never ever… well, maybe just this once… if you don’t tell…

So that’s what you get from Simon Strange. Stories of the forbidden, of the filthy, and the naughty, and the never-ever-tell, and of course, the strange. With nearly 150 reviews for his collection of erotica and romance, and an average of four and a half stars across the board, you’ll almost certainly find something you like in the pages of his work.

Just be sure to bring a change of undies. 😉

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These books are too dark and kinky for Amazon. Some are even a little much for Smashwords. They are 100% free, but at the back of each on is a Ko-fi link. If you're so moved, I'd love a tip for the work, but you are free to read and enjoy, and you are welcome to distribute these books anywhere you like so long as you do not publish them (they are copyrighted) and do not alter the book in any way. Share with your friends, upload the full book file to your favorite sharing sites, etc. It's all good.

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