They're off limits. I couldn't never indulge their twisted fantasy. Could I?

They’re the young men that I helped raised, and they’re turning twenty one. They should be done with me, moved on with their lives after their mother divorced me.

Which is why I’m shocked when they tell me that all they want for their twenty-first is to spend it with me—a worn out fifty something blue-collar divorcee (three times now) who couldn’t possibly have anything to offer a couple of college boys living in the wildest years of their lives.

What I didn’t realize, is that they want more than one night, and a lot more than a few drinks.

And what’s worse? Maybe I do too, after all...

Content: Step-Relations, Step-dad, Step-sons, Step-brothers, Menage


...there's an MMMM scene in this one fans are definitely gonna want to read.

Birthday Boys has all the tongue-in-cheek humor, compelling relationships, and smokin' hot romancing I depend on in a Simon Strange novel, and you can get it on KU.

If you're not yet a fan of Simon Strange then check it out, or start with my personal favorite, Nick's Awakening.

- Trio Reviews

Nick is a young man just beginning to explore his sexuality. When he begins to see the man of the house, Stan, in a new light for the first time his inner world goes into a tailspin that ultimately lands him literally in Stan's lap. Once given the control he craves, however, Nick finds that it's all he wants in life despite Stan's insistence that the two of them cannot really have this thing between them forever. And, as Nick begins to reach outside that comfortable, perfect little world, he may well discover that this love was only a stepping stone in a long journey.

Stan knew from the beginning that he shouldn't have done it. He shouldn't have indulged Nick, or his own aching loneliness and when he does things quickly get out of hand. Trapped by desire, obsession, and Nick's ability to get under his skin, he is a broken man. When Nick begins to finally grow outside of their crippling mutual attachment, as much as he wants that for the younger man the jealousy may well tear him apart.

Both men know their love is wrong; both of them know it can never last. But what if they could have something incredible anyway?

This 85,000 word series is a journey into need, obsession, pleasure, honesty, the kind of love that hurts, and the kind of love that heals.

Content: Step-Dad/Step-Son, Unconventional HEA, BDSM, Chastity, Menage


Nick and Stan’s love for each other transcends social boundaries and the “rightness” of their relationship pulled at my heartstrings. It just shows how incredibly talented Simon Strange is... to be able to approach such a taboo subject and pull it off so well. Nick’s Awakening is not just some introspective, dark, and dirty story; it's truly a wonderful book. A definite must read for fans of erotic taboo stories.

- Trio reviews

The Omegas are the bedrock of a healthy pack, bound by magic and addiction to the Alpha, enslaved to the carnal hunger of Wolves, and unable to survive on their own...

Breaking thousands of years of tradition and pack law, Omega wolf Brent Boyden has done the unthinkable--attacked his Alpha and fled the confines of a rabid, abusive pack. When he throws himself on the mercy of a roadhouse full of Bears, starving and dehydrated from his mad dash across Wyoming's Red Desert, he half expects them to throw him back to the Wolves.

But although Big Jim, unofficial boss of the Red Desert Clan, instead offers the young wolf sanctuary there is no guarantee it will keep Brent out of the clutches of a furious Alpha or, for that matter, to keep him alive even if the Red Desert Clan can protect him.

As Brent prepares for the worst, he becomes entangled with a young bear named Jessie, the charming flirt Pike, and Big Jim himself in a burning web of desire and the unexpected consequences of giving himself to the bears. The discovery soothes his lifelong wounds and offers the potential for a new, better life--however doomed it may ultimately be.

Even the love of three Bears might not be enough to save Brent from his fate though; with or without them, in the end he may have to summon the strength to save himself...

Content: MMMM Menage, Paranormal, Some Gore, Physical Violation (non-rape), Violence.


Whoa! I had no idea Simon Strange could write something like this. The story and the characters... everything is just wow. That ending is intense, and nothing like I had expected - it's a whole new world, if you will.

Simon Strange manages to outdo himself with the lovin' in this one too - the longest, most detailed, sensual MMMM scene I think I've ever read. One for the record books!

- Trio Reviews

Paul is an excellent student, and has successfully tutored a handful of other students on campus and off. When his friend Katie sends him another student who needs help with his calculus before midterms, he's floored to find out that the student in need is Dallas Courson, one of the hottest wrestlers in the school.

Dallas is bright, but has a hard time retaining any information when he's stressed - and cramming for midterms is as stressful as it gets! When Paul suggests that relaxing a little might help Dallas absorb his lessons, the hunky wrestler admits that he's been wound tight since his last break-up, when word got around to the other girls that he's kind of a dog. Getting laid is the only way Dallas knows to unwind, and he's normally exclusively straight. Since Paul just happens to be around and drooling over him, though...

What follows is a sexy, intense contest to see who can one-up who. If this is what tutoring the wrestling star is like, maybe Dallas can pass Paul's number around to his mates!

Content: Absolutely Filthy Verbal Sex, Hetero-Flexible, Erotica, No HEA.


I have read at least a hundred gay erotica stories over the last few years, but only "Tutoring Dallas" stands out from the rest as the best of them all. I mean, it should win a prize if they have such a thing for this category.

- G. Eggleston, Amazon

Nathan was the only man in my life growing up, and I've missed him since he and my mother divorced three years ago. When he called my up for my eighteenth birthday, I was shocked. I had so much I wanted to talk to him about... but would he still think of me the same, once he knew?

But this older man, who I've always looked up to, doesn't react at all the way I thought. Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it would be him that breaks me in for the first time, and teaches me how to be his good boy.

Content: Step-Dad/Step-Son, Sweet Sexy Pillow Talk, Brain-lequefying climaxes, Erotica, No HEA.


This was actually a sweet, smexy story of daddy kink with hotness overload. There’s nothing dark here guys; it’s all tenderness and love - like it should be.

- SheShe's macha, Amazon

I used to be close with my wife's son, Adam. That is, until our marriage went sour and he grew into a rotten, spoiled teenager. But I stuck in there, because that's the kind of man I am. And what else was I gonna do?

Now, though, her brat is away at college, and my wife away at a 'conference' with her co-department head Steve, who's been giving it to her on the regular for a couple of years. I'm ready to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend on my own. Nothing but beer, sports, and hot tub time.

That is, until I get the delightful surprise that Adam, who's stressed from having to actually work for something, is taking a short break from the university life to come back home and pout in his room. Great. But you know what? I'm not going to get sucked into his games and manipulations. No. I'm the man of the house here, and I make the rules. So when he makes a shocking confession, and tells me things I never should have heard, and starts pushing buttons I didn't know I had, I've got no choice but to set him straight and teach him a lesson he'll never forget...

...if only I'd known what I was getting into; God help me.

Content: Coercion, Step-Dad/Step-Son, Spanking, Hottub Antics, Erotica, no HEA, dark.


Sounds funny to say, given most all of Simon Strange's stories focus around dub-con seduction, pseudo incest, and erotica - but The Step-Brat's Lesson is the first one I've found actually pretty dark.

The step-dad is resistant and unwilling... as in, even when he's given in and wholly turned on, he's still not really on board. The step-son takes advantage of his sexually unsatisfied, emotionally neglected step-dad, gets him to the point where he just literally can't stop, and while the son is gleeful, the dad is pretty shaken up.

- Trio Reviews

When we were kids, my step-brother and I used to play 'pretend'. It was how we got to be so close, and they were the most incredible years of our lives. We kept it a secret, of course, but even now that he's in college and I'm out in the world living my awesome life abroad, we still talk about it, still miss those days; and I miss him like you wouldn't believe...

So when we both head home on one of our rare coinciding breaks, of course we have to relive old times. Except, there's something different now. Kaden must be ready to move on, because it sounds like he's got a new friend at the university. I can deal with that, as long as we have one more amazing weekend together.

What happens, though, will change both of our lives forever in ways I didn't think were possible.

Content: Step-Brothers, Role-playing, Romance, HEA.


This was a really great short read! First off it was HOT. Super steamy. It was also cute and for it to be a short 30ish pages, I did not feel like it lacked in details or was rushed. I definitely want more but honestly it was a great little read! It was the first I read from this author and I plan on reading more from him!

- Aila, Vine Voice, Amazon

Who wouldn't want to show a straight boy a thing or two?

Kevin is our resident straight boy; the token dude who comes around to drink our beer, play our video games, and whine about how hard it is to get into a girl's pants.

We weren't planning on talking him into anything, even if it is every gay man's secret desire to seduce a guy like Kevin - but when he sneaked a peek at us after the lights went out, it seemed he had a spark of curiosity that I was more than willing to fan into a fire.

Content: Hetero-Flexible, Menage, Edging, Scorching Hot Control Dynamics, Wet-your-pants sexy talk, Erotica, no HEA.


What I truly enjoyed? Just like all of SS's stuff, the love really comes through. It's easy to see the caring and friendship these guys have for each other... and even better, the intimacy and love between the established couple during the 20+ pages of luscious (and very descriptive) lovin', as only my man Simon can deliver!

- Trio reviews

Never take home a stray unless you plan to keep him.

Dean is down on his luck with the ladies when he comes across a violent gay bashing in progress. When he saves twenty one year old Tommy from the thugs, the younger man is grateful and has no where to go.

Unwilling to you a young man freeze in the New York winter night, Dean takes the poor guy home to crash on his couch. He wasn't planning on keeping him, but when Dean wakes up to Tommy's gratitude he realizes that the young guy loves to be dominated, controlled, and trained.

Maybe having a pet around the house to serve Dean's needs wouldn't be the worst thing; but can he keep his heart from getting tangle up with this stray puppy?

Content: Spanking, Straight to Gay, Rescue, Filthy Dialogue, Edging, Begging, Teasing, HFN ending.


I “LUVED” this story. Dean is a frustrated straight guy who saves a twink, Tommy, from an alley beat down. What was so great about this story was how deep into the thinking of the straight man the author was able to take us. If you ever wonder how someone could switch “sides,” this story would help you understand.

- SheShe's Matcha, Amazon

When Aiden comes home to help the man he grew up with sort through his mother's estate after she passes, he expects it to be a brief visit. One of support, and encouragement and perhaps even one of the last visits they'll have now that there are no more family ties to keep them together. After all, they live in different states. Lucas has a fiancee to get back to, and Aiden has a boyfriend to return to. But Lucas has some things to get off his chest, and these two young men are about to weather changes that will leave them breathless, hurt, and mended all in the course of a turbulent week.

In the end, can they really cheat at the game of life and love, and get away with it?

Content: Step-Brothers, Power Exchange, Romance, HEA.


All of the novels I've read by Simon Strange are original, very well written, and (of course) hot as hell. The story behind Cheaters is so perfectly crafted, so intimate, and says so much - it just blew me away. The characters are great too, but what gets me is the way the author lays down the whole thing... It was an absolute pleasure to experience Cheaters, definitely one for the re-read shelf.

- Trio reviews

All Shane wants is for Collin, the guy he grew up in the same house with, to finally see him grown up because he's been saving himself all this time for that that special day. Now that Collin is taking him to the infamous Black Party for his eighteenth birthday, he might just get that chance.

Shane's plans go a little awry, though, when he gets lost in the party and is rescued by a tall, muscular mountain of a man in a black mask and sexy leather who takes Shane for his first time, without protection...

What starts as a hot and sweaty hookup escalates quickly, when Collin catches Shane in the back room with his stranger - and the two of them decide to teach Shane what it means to be a nasty little piggy...

Content: Step-Brothers, Strangers, Menage, Sweaty Filthy Sex, Felching, Snowballing. It's nasty, ya'll. 


If you want down and dirty hot stories check out Simon Strange. You won't be disappointed.

- Dan, amazon

What do you have to do to be one of the guys?

Loren has been chasing after the two older boys he grew up with for six years, hoping to be part of their close knit bond. Being so much younger, and kind of a lanky nerd, he never felt like one of the guys.

After three years of working out his body, and transforming into a gorgeous, lean piece of hotness, his hour has finally come as Casey and Matt come home for the summer for a break from College. But when Loren gets caught scratching an old itch, with Casey's jock strap on his face, he'll get closer to the two men than he ever would have guessed!

Content: Step-Brothers, Menage, Using the twink a lot, power exchange.


A sexy, quick read. The "brothers" took the term "brotherly love" to new heights. I mean, all that going on under one roof, wowza! Who wouldn't want to come home for summer vacation!

- Cas, Amazon

Loren's had a taste of the two boys he grew up with, but now he's hungry for something more. If he get's it, will it be more than he bargained for?

It's been a week since Loren was caught by Casey with a dirty jock on his face, and he's been in heaven every day since, servicing the two boys he grew up with non-stop. But he's starting to feel a bit neglected. When he brings this up, Casey thinks that maybe they should put an end to their forbidden games.

But Matt has other ideas, and with a little encouragement convinces Casey to pay up for all the attention--with interest!

Loren's never had anyone inside of him before--is he ready to give it away to the two most important guys in his life? And can he possibly fit them both at the same time?

Content: Step-Brothers, Menage, Double Penetration, erotica, semi-HFN.


Holy cow that was freaking hot!!!! Go Matt! I'm so proud of him for taking the initiative and giving Loren back a little of what he's done for him and Casey. Normally I don't like ménage, but this one was so taboo with Loren's stepbrothers and it was incredibly sexy. The sex was awesome and so descriptive that I felt like it was happening to me, lol. 

- Minxfan, Amazon